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How Title Loans Can Help During the Holiday Season!

The holidays are upon us! With Thanksgiving on our heels and Christmas fast behind, ’tis the season to take some time off from our busy jobs and reconnect with our friends and family. While the food and parties seem endless, even more endless are the associated costs that come with the festivities. According to a recent U.S. consumer survey, the average American will spend $830 on gifts this holiday season. It also stated that the majority of that holiday shopping will occur during November. But that isn’t the only hit our wallets will take!

For every holiday party or church event, you may need new clothes to dress for the occasion. That could easily set you back a few hundred dollars. If you live away from your extended family, as so many of us do, then there is also the cost of commuting. According to Time magazine, Americans spend 43% of their holiday budget on travel. Whether that travel is conducted in the air or via rental car, consumers can look to spend several hundred dollars more between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Staying home? Then you are probably racking up dollar signs with the latest LED string lights and seasonal lawn decor. And if showing your neighbors you mean holiday business doesn’t test the limits of your credit card, then the splendor of your holiday dinner spreads certainly will. Also add in those little things that pop up—such as Secret Santa at work, unplanned vehicle and house maintenance, and, oh, don’t forget a special something for your significant other!—and you’ve not only blown through your budget, but possibly a vital body gasket.

That is why it is important to account for all scenarios when budgeting for the season. But what if Christmas presents alone have spread your budget pretty thin? Well, there are a number of options for finding quick cash, but your best bet is with car title loans, and Mid-South Title Loans is the premier Memphis title loans company. Offering loans ranging from $150 to $2,500, it is your top resource for obtaining quick cash in Memphis.

A car title loan permits you to leverage your vehicle’s value for quick cash. If you own an automobile in your name, and it is has been paid for in full, you can use it as collateral against your loan. All you have to do is stop by the Mid-South Title Loans office with your drivable vehicle, lien-free title, and valid photo ID. We’ll ask you to complete a simple application while we evaluate your vehicle to determine your loan. Once approved, we’ll have you sign a 30-day renewable contract, and we’ll give you the holiday cash you need within 20 minutes of your arrival. While we retain your vehicle’s title until you have fully repaid your loan, your car is yours to keep for dashing to and from the stores on Black Friday and attending holiday festivities.

Don’t let budget stress dampen your holiday spirit. Keep it merry and bright with Mid-South Title Loans. Our car title loans are a fast and hassle-free way to find quick cash in Memphis. You can get started by filling out our handy Title Loans Online Info Sheet or stopping in to any of our three convenient Mid-South Title Loans locations in Tennessee today!


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