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Title Loans in Memphis Can Help Cover Unanticipated Medical Bills

unexpected medical bills

No one wants to be sick, which is why—despite how healthy and active your lifestyle may be—medical bills always come as a surprise. Suddenly finding yourself several hundred dollars in debt owing to a health emergency can send your finances into a downward spiral of juggling and struggling to pay other bills like your mortgage, utilities, or credit card payments. Luckily, one easy way to scrounge up quick cash in Memphis while keeping your budget balanced is with a title loan.

According to a report from CNBC, 60% of Americans are unable to cover unexpected expenses, with 38% of us unable to handle an emergency room visit. On a month-to-month basis, an emergency room visit isn’t the biggest threat to our wallets. There are also many everyday events that can bust the budget, including even doctor visits that are routine and anticipated. A trip to the optometrist can result in a new prescription, and the lens specialist somehow talked you into upgrading your ten-year-old frames. A trip to the dentist for a cleaning reveals a cracked tooth or cavity, and now you are scheduled for a new porcelain crown. Neither a crown nor new glasses are cheap affairs, but what are you going to do? Your health isn’t like the water bill; you can’t postpone your vision or ability to chew until next month.

Even if you are good at anticipating routine maintenance expenses, unexpected health issues can arise. Your partner injures their back during a softball game and now has to get chiropractic treatment for six weeks. Little Jimmy comes home from school with a bacterial infection in his eye, leading to an emergency room visit plus a pricey prescription of heavy-hitting antibiotics. Whether it concerns you personally or your family, medical expenses are unavoidable. And while dealing with health issues is undoubtedly difficult, you can avoid adding anxiety to the situation with title loans in Memphis from Mid-South Title Loans.

To qualify for a title loan, all you need is your lien-free vehicle and driver’s license. Bring those items into one of our three Memphis offices, fill out our quick application and go through the assessment process, and within twenty minutes you can walk out of our office with anywhere from $150 to $2,500, depending on your vehicle’s value. We hold on to your title, and you get to drive off in your vehicle. Once you have repaid the loan in full, we will return the title to you, along with our thanks!

Don’t sacrifice your health or that of your loved ones over the unexpected. Whether it is to cover a new prescription or x-rays for broken bones, car title loans are a quick and hassle-free way to get the money you need for your medical emergency. If you have a medical need you want to pay off now, you can get started by filling out our handy Title Loans Online Info Sheet or stopping in to any of our three convenient Mid-South Title Loans locations in Memphis, Tennessee today!


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