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Short-Term Loans Can Help You Finance Your Summer Fun!

Short-Term Loans Can Help You Finance Your Summer Fun!

While June 20th is the official first day of summer, we all know the season really starts when the kids are out of school. That’s when you finally get to kick back with your family for some much-needed bonding time. One of the best ways to create memories and spend quality time is to travel. Like most families in Memphis, you have been planning a big trip for months. Not just any old weekend camping trip or jaunt to grandma’s house, either, but an epic journey that will create experiences and memories your kids will be scrambling to brag about next Fall in their “How I spent my summer” essays.

One of the biggest challenges is deciding where to go. It’s low season in the Caribbean, and you could book a cruise for cheap. Would the kids get bored lounging on the sea? Perhaps you need a more diverse journey with equal parts adventure for them and relaxation for the adults. An old-fashioned American road trip through our own vast and varied backyard might do the trick. You can camp and hike in Yellowstone, learn fly fishing at the Glacier National Park, go skiing in Colorado, and go white water rafting in the Grand Canyon. Or, you can just make it easy and spring for a family resort package at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

Whatever shape your journey takes, make sure you know what to pack. Camping will require tents, sleeping bags, and LED lamps. If you are hitting the beach, you’ll need sunscreen, swimsuits, oversized towels, beach chairs, and sandcastle construction sets! And don’t forget to pack for the commute. Nothing tries a child’s attention span (and your patience) more than long trips, so make sure their devices are queued up with enough books, video games, and movies to last the duration.

After you’ve decided on your itinerary, made arrangements, and packed, it’s time to work on the other big challenge of trip planning: budget. There is nothing harder to plan for financially than travel. Despite our diligence, there are too many unknowns to account for, and an unexpected expense always occurs. Maybe the price of gas suddenly skyrockets, or severe camping conditions force your family to rough it in the nearest available hotel. You can budget trip expenses down to your very last penny, but somewhere between Memphis and San Diego, CA you might be wishing for some extra travel cash.

A short-term loan in Memphis is a quick and simple way to pad your family vacation travel budget. There are no credit checks, and all Mid-South Title Loans requires to provide a short-term loan in Memphis is a lien-free car title and a photo ID. If you bring those into one of our offices, we’ll get you assessed, approved, and out the door with cash in hand in fewer than 20 minutes. Plus, you get to keep your keys and enjoy your family road trip while repaying the loan.

Summertime is family time, and there is no reason for an unexpected expense to interrupt your family vacation plans. Come get your extra travel cash with a short-term loan from Mid-South Title Loans. Stop by any of our three convenient Mid-South Title Loans locations in Memphis today, and then go on to have some fun in the sun!


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