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Don’t Worry About Your Credit Score with a Bad Credit Title Loan in Memphis

Bad Credit Title Loan in Memphis

Building credit can often feel like life is a constant Catch-22. This is especially true when you are first starting out after graduating high school or college and your opportunities to establish credit in your name are minimal if not nil. While your minimal needs during these salad days make having credit unnecessary, once you have graduated and are out in the world “adulting,” it’s a whole other situation. Having bad or no credit can make accessing money you need diffi-cult to the extent that it is easy to assume that everything, even small short-term loans, is off the table.

This can lead to negative thinking, and many people regard having bad or no credit as a nega-tive when really it is just a part of our financial development. Let’s unpack that for a moment. An excellent credit score is 720 or higher, average is between 660-719, and poor is 620-659. Ac-cording to a 2017 report from ValuePenguin, 50% of Americans have a credit score of around 695. So while this means that approximately half of Americans have average credit, it also means there are a considerable number of Americans with bad credit! And if you look at the breakdown via age group, you will see that if you are under 30, bad credit is just part of getting started in life. A total of about 57% of people under 30 carry a below average credit score. If this shows anything, it’s that excellent credit is actually rarer than having bad credit, even though we are made to feel otherwise. We are also made to feel like if we fall in the bad credit category, we can never get the financial assistance we may need to prevent falling further into debt!

That is not true, and there are options out there. One excellent alternative is a bad credit title loan in Memphis, where your credit score isn’t a concern for loan qualification. A title loan al-lows you to leverage the value of your owned vehicle for the quick cash you need, and requires no credit check. Bad credit title loans within the greater Memphis area range from $150 to $2,500 over a 30-day contract. To be eligible, all you need is your lien-free car title, the vehicle itself, and a photo ID. Bring these down to one of the three Mid-South Title Loans offices in Memphis, and we’ll take care of the rest. While you will be asked to fill out some quick, routine paperwork, again, no credit check or waiting period is required. In fact, our goal is to have you in and out, cash and keys in hand, within 20 minutes!

Getting set up in life can be full of costly hassles. Whether it’s to cover an emergency hospital bill or mandatory brake job, or just to make ends meet during an especially costly month, a bad credit title loan in Memphis can be the shortcut you need to stay on top of your finances. If you need a small, short-term loan and have bad or no credit, come on by one of our three conven-ient Mid-South Title Loans locations in Memphis, and we’ll get you the cash you need, hassle-free, today!


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