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A Short-Term Loan in Memphis to Help Cover Mandatory Expenses

A Short-Term Loan in Memphis to Help Cover Mandatory Expenses

Short-term loans are a great way to provide a buffer for extra monthly expenses like birthday gifts, food for entertaining, and last-minute weekend trips. They can also come in handy during a crisis, footing unexpected bills for emergency room visits, auto repairs, and household appliance replacements. But what about those mandatory expenses that, no matter what, have to be paid or else?

Mandatory expenses are the bills of your life. They include payments toward keeping your house in order, like the mortgage, property taxes, home insurance, HOA dues, and the utilities that keep you warm in the winter and cool during the summer. They also include quality of life for you and your loved ones: think childcare costs, school tuition, health insurance, and prescriptions. These aren’t bills you can cut back on, like gas or grocery costs, and neither can you place then on a layaway back burner like you can when you need a new dishwasher. Mandatory expenses mean they have to be paid when due, or you and your family have to hit the curb.

There are all sorts of dire consequences you could face if your mandatory expenses go unpaid. You and your family could become ill from missed medications. The bank could foreclose and evict you from your home. The heat could be shut off in the middle of December. You could miss work due to having your child at home. You could carry even more financial burden if the IRS garnishes your wages to repay outstanding taxes.

All of this can be prevented, however, if you pay those mandatory bills on time. Since these important bills are regular, when and what you pay can be planned. Even so, sometimes money is tight and when it is time to pay, the funds may be lacking. Which brings us back to our earlier question: are short-term loans good for covering mandatory expenses? Absolutely!

Short-term loans in Memphis are one of the best ways to find cash fast. No credit check is required, and there is no waiting period. All you need for Memphis short-term loans is your drivable vehicle, its lien-free title, and a photo ID. Just bring all of that into one of our Mid-South Title Loans offices, and after some quick paperwork, you’ll be back on the road with cash in hand within 20 minutes.

Short-term loans from Mid-South Title Loans range from $150 to $2,500 based on the value of your vehicle. That is a tidy enough sum to help you cover any mandatory expenses that may have caught you off guard or gone up in rate. If you need to settle a bill fast, Mid-South Title Loans has three convenient locations throughout the Memphis metro to serve our customers: 1680 Winchester Rd, 4965 Summer Ave, and 2798 S. Perkins Rd. If you’re searching for a short-term loan in Memphis, all you have to do is fill out our convenient Title Loans Online Info Sheet, or stop by any of our three Mid-South Title Loans locations in Memphis and see us today.


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