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A Short-Term Loan Can Help When You’ve Lost Income Due to Illness

A Short-Term Loan Can Help When You've Lost Income Due to Illness

In Memphis, the average worker can expect to have about two weeks of vacation time annually if he or she has been with the company for longer than a year. When you are just starting a new job, however, the number of paid days off you can take are few and far between. Eventually you can build up your leave as long as nothing catastrophic happens. Paid leave is billed as paid leave, and that includes fun days like vacation and holidays as well as sick days. Vacations we can plan, but illness is always unexpected.

We all know we’re going to get hit with something at some point during the year. There’s always the chance that the common cold, influenza, migraines, an injured back, or food poisoning will knock us off our feet for a few days. There are also the routine appointments we keep to try to stay on top of our health, such as a root canal, a biopsy, or a PET scan, which can take us away from the office for a day. If you have a particularly bad health year, you could be out of paid leave before you realize you really need it.

While the above afflictions are considered pretty routine, it’s the surprises that can wipe out our leave. If you ripped your meniscus playing softball, you could be out for at least a week. Depending on the diagnosis, a chronic illness could require several weeks, perhaps even months, to treat. Perhaps you’ve had a baby and need to take maternity or paternity leave. In cases like this, most employers will grant you leave without pay, meaning they will hold your job for you while you recover, but once you’ve run out of your allotted leave time, the paychecks stop until your return.

Job security is a comfort, for sure, but at a certain point, that doesn’t do much for paying the mortgage and your other regular bills, not to mention your newly incurred medical fees. In some situations, being forced to take leave without pay can be more costly than a trip in an ambulance. If you don’t have much in savings at the moment you become sick, you may need to look for other means of cash flow while on the mend. A short-term loan in Memphis is one alternative for getting your bills paid on time while recouping off the clock.

A short-term loan in Memphis allows you to leverage your lien-free vehicle for quick cash. If you bring your working car, its lien-free title, and a photo ID to Mid-South Title Loans, you could receive a cash loan ranging from $150 to $2,500 based on your vehicle’s value. You also get to keep your keys and drive your car uninterrupted while you repay the loan.

If you are strapped for cash during an illness, Mid-South Title Loans is here to nurse your budget. We have three convenient locations throughout the Memphis metro to serve our customers: 1680 Winchester Rd, 4965 Summer Ave, and 2798 S. Perkins Rd. If you’re searching for a short-term loan in Memphis, all you have to do is fill out our convenient Title Loans Online Info Sheet or stop by any of our three Mid-South Title Loans locations in Memphis and see us today.


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