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Working Parents Can Get Help from Car Title Loans in Memphis with Escalating School and Activity Fees

Working Parents Can Get Help from Car Title Loans in Memphis with Escalating School and Activity Fee

There is nothing more rewarding in life than parenthood. There is also nothing more costly. It’s never pleasant to think about how expensive raising kids can be, but acknowledging and staying ahead of your child’s costs is vital to good parenting. But sometimes there are circumstances out of your control, and a surprise bill can come at an inconvenient time.

For the most part, your child’s development can be integrated into your family’s monthly and yearly budgets. We all know that when a child starts his or her first day of school, a list of new expensive needs is included with the homework. There are textbooks, school supplies, calculators, new clothes, and in some cases, iPads or computers. You’ll need to buy most of this before the end of summer. You know, right when you’ve gotten back from your big family vacation to discover the fridge died while you were gone. Suddenly, the $669 the National Retail Federation suggests parents budget per child for back-to-school supplies might seem like the last straw.

Throughout the semesters, your child will want to participate in after-school activities such as sports, music lessons, and extracurricular clubs. These interests could have a great payoff in the long run if they lead to a college scholarship. They also guarantee that your child will stay active, socialized, and stimulated. Even so, it’ll be hard to ignore the average $739 that the Backpack Index estimates these activities will add to your annual school supplies bill.

In addition to school, there will be many rites of passage for your child that won’t come free. You might need to pay for braces, tutoring, or a weekly allowance. Alongside other household expenses, your child’s school and activity expenses can be a lot to juggle. At some point a ball may drop when an unexpected (or overlooked) bill comes due for the further enrichment of your child. Fortunately for parents in the Memphis area, car title loans are available as a handy buffer to make sure your budget meets all of your family’s needs.

Car title loans in Memphis are a great way to obtain fast cash. You leverage the value of your drivable and lien-free vehicle against the title loan while keeping the use of your car during repayment. There are no credit checks or waiting periods. At Mid-South Title Loans, you can receive a car title loan ranging from $150 to $2,500. All you need to qualify for a car title loan in Memphis is a lien-free car title and a photo ID. If you bring those items to Mid-South Title Loans, you’ll be in and out with cash in hand in under twenty minutes.

Parenting is occasionally a thankless job. That doesn’t mean you have to be penniless, too. A car title loan from Mid-South Title Loans in Memphis can get you the quick cash you need to keep your child’s future on track. Stop in to any of our three convenient Mid-South Title Loans locations today!


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