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Borrowing from Friends? How Title Loans in Memphis may be a Better Short-Term Loan Option

Borrowing from Friends? How Title Loans in Memphis may be a Better Short-Term Loan Option

A real friend is a person who is there for you no matter what—during the carefree, fun times and through the rough patches. You can talk to them about anything and know they will gut check you and comfort you in one fell swoop. With trust so strong, it may seem only natural that when you are in crisis, the solution is to ask them for help. There are several reasons, however, why you should never hit your friends up for cash, even if your relationship is rock-solid.

Friends and Family Have Money Problems Too

Even though you can read each other like an open book, something your friend may have never shared with you is whether or not they have money trouble. Sure, she’s probably always been game to get overpriced cocktails with you after a hard day at work, down to shop till you both drop, or splurge on a weekend getaway, but appearances can be deceiving. Unless your friend has shown you her checkbook or credit card statement, you have no idea what exactly her financial status is. And it shouldn’t matter until you ask for help. If they are private about money matters and decide to grant you this favor, you will never know what that assistance really cost them. This not only extends to friends, but also to family. Rather than inconvenience them, a better short-term loan option is title loans in Memphis, TN.

What if You Get Turned Down?

Asking for money, even from those who love you unconditionally, can be… well, really uncomfortable. If they agree to lend you cash, you will never know if it’s hurting them. But you also may not realize how painful it can be to both of you when they tell you no. You really need to be prepared for this, as most people do not lend money ever, as a general rule. There are several good reasons for this: many people don’t like the idea of an open-ended loan where they will never know when they’ll see that money again. As your friend, they trust you to repay the loan, but too often that trust can get taken advantage of when other crises strike, or too much time has passed. Another reason they may refuse you, as discussed above, is that they simply don’t have the money to spare. While none of these reasons should be taken personally, the rejection can sting. Your feelings might be hurt so much that it changes the entire dynamic of the relationship by introducing resentment, anger, and just general awkwardness. By asking your friend or family member to solve a short-term money problem for you, you might be creating a long-term rift in that relationship.

They’ll Know all Your Money Troubles

When you ask someone for money—be it a bank or your bestie—they may want to know all the gory details. This could be immensely embarrassing because we all have different value systems when it comes to how and what we spend our money on. Revealing spending habits, lack of savings, credit card debt, or what the loan is covering could open you up to an intense line of inquiry, criticism, and judgment by your family and friends. While we can all do a bit better when it comes to saving money, other people’s opinions on the matter may not be helpful. There are much better alternatives to financial assistance without having to give your loved-ones access to your bank history. Title loans in Memphis are some of the best means to acquire a hassle-free and confidential short-term loan.

You Risk Straining Your Relationship

A good relationship is not only hard to find but can also be a lot of work to maintain. Just think of your best friend in high school and your best friend now in adulthood. If you are thinking of the same person, you have something rare and beautiful there, indeed. Life, however, has a way of challenging us and our relationships. Short-term money problems happen to the best of us, but not everyone has a friend or a family member they trust. It makes sense, then, that despite how high-stakes that outstanding bill or debt may seem, you should refrain from straining these relationships by borrowing cash. If they help you out, you may never know how much burden they now shoulder. If they don’t help you out, your emotions may get the best of both of you. Either way it pans out, it’s riskier to destroy a meaningful relationship over a debt that will eventually go away. If you are in need of money, get the help you need with a better choice…

There’s a Solution to Short-Term Money Problems

Some of the best short-term loan options available are car title loans in Memphis. All you need to qualify is a working, drivable vehicle with a lien-free title. Bring those two items, along with your photo ID, to Mid-South Title Loans, and you will leave within 20 minutes with not only cash in hand, but also your keys. Title loans in Memphis are a great solution not only because they require no credit check, but also because you keep the use of your car while repaying the loan. Title loans in Memphis at Mid-South Title Loans range from $150 to $2,500, based on your vehicle’s value.

Title Loans in Memphis Are a Short-Term Loan Option

With a good short-term loan option like title loans in Memphis, there is no reason to risk your long-term friendship with a short-term money problem. You can resolve your financial needs and not burden your family and friends with Mid-South Title Loans. We have three convenient locations throughout the Memphis metro to serve our customers: 1680 Winchester Rd, 4965 Summer Ave, and 2798 S. Perkins Rd. If you’re searching for a title loan in Memphis, get started now by filling out our convenient Title Loans Online Info Sheet, or stop by any of our three Mid-South Title Loans locations in Memphis and see us today.


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