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Why Should Tennessee Area Car Owners Choose a Title Loan for Quick Cash?

Why Should Tennessee Area Car Owners Choose a Title Loan for Quick Cash?

Loans are a great option for people who are in need of extra money, to cover anything from basic needs to outrageous bills. There are many types of loans and ways you can go about obtaining money. Maybe from a family member or your bank. Or maybe these aren’t an option for you, and you’re researching other avenues.

Many times, loans require top-notch credit scores to get the amount you need at an interest rate that isn’t sky high. But if you don’t have a great credit score or you don’t have any credit at all and you need quick cash, you need another option.

A short-term loan is a great option for anyone needing quick cash, regardless of your credit score. Short-term loans, like title loans, can be repaid quickly, and typically come with less interest. But many short-term loan companies in the Tennessee area have extensive requirements, and if you just want a simple solution for your financial needs, you need to come to Memphis’ Mid-South Title Loans.

If you own your vehicle, we make it simple to get short-term cash you need. It doesn’t require you handing your car over to us or us taking permanent possession of your title – don’t worry. It’s a pain-free option that leaves you with the money you need to meet the short-term needs of your current financial situation.

Why Choose Tennessee’s Mid-South for Title Loans

You can get your money quickly.

Most Tennessee banks and credit unions take a week or longer to approve your application, then it takes even longer to get you your money. When you have bills piling up, we understand how stressful it is. You can’t wait. Our title loans at Memphis, TN’s Mid-South Title Loans come in handy for just that, because the whole process, from start to finish, can be as quick as 20 minutes. Really! Be up to $5000 richer in only 20 minutes. We want you to get your money as soon as you need it, and if you’re itching to get started, fill out our online application now!

No credit or long list of supporting documents needed

Many times, when applying for loans and lines of credit, your credit score can experience a drop, as a result of a credit pull. But since we aren’t trying to ruin your credit while loaning you money, we don’t perform background checks or credit pulls. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to us. Especially when you’ve had credit struggles, you’re probably not too keen on the idea of a company pulling your credit score, in order to loan you money.

Before giving a loan, most Tennessee banks or credit unions also make you gather a long list of documents, like pay stubs, address verification, and beyond. We don’t think that is necessary here. Mid-South Title Loans has a quick and easy process, because it only requires the minimum. And when you’re ready to get your title loan for quick cash at a Memphis Mid-South Title Loans location, you only need to have:

  1. A filled out title loan application
  2. A valid photo ID or driver’s license that shows you’re 18 or older
  3. A lien-free title in your name – If you haven’t heard the term, a lien-free title is a title that shows that your car is completely paid off. We also need your title to be from somewhere within 80 miles of Memphis, TN, in your name.
  4. A drivable car – We don’t care if your car is damaged. As long as it’s in working condition, you can get quick cash from our title loans.
  5. Car insurance – Make sure you have up-to-date car insurance, and go ahead and bring your card with you to one of our Memphis locations.

As soon as you can meet all five of these requirements, you can get between $150 and $5000 immediately with a title loan at Mid-South Title Loans in Memphis, Tennessee.

Our process is as easy as 1-2-3

Quick and easy service is the name of the game at all of our Mid-South Title Loans in Tennessee. It’s our top priority to make it as simple as possible for you to get your title loan, so you can start taking care of your demanding bills and expenses. Here’s how our simple process works:

  1. Fill out a title loan application completely
  2. Drive your vehicle at the nearest Memphis Mid-South Title Loans for inspection
  3. Gather your required documents – Like we previously mentioned, you’ll need to gather your valid photo ID, car insurance card, and the lien-free title that is in your name.
  4. One of our outstanding loan professionals will quickly evaluate your car and determine the amount we will loan you.
  5. Upon approval, we will give you your money, in exchange for your title, temporarily.
  6. Once you repay your title loan completely, we’ll happily give you your title back, along with a thanks.

Get your loan paid off quickly

Not only is our process simple, so is paying off your loan. Traditional long-term loans burden you with lots of interest over time, and it can put you in an even worse place financially. Here at Mid-South Title Loans, we truly care about your finances, and we want you to get back on track. So, we want you to pay off your loan over a short term, so you can get your title back, in addition to being on track financially. Loan terms at Mid-South Title Loans are typically for 60 days, but if you need a little wiggle room, you can extend it.

You can take care of bills or expenses immediately

If your bills aren’t getting paid promptly, you can run into trouble, and maybe you already are. Whether your credit is getting hit or collectors are calling, now’s the time to put it all to a stop with a quick, short-term loan. And you’re not alone – our Memphis, Tennessee customers use their title loan cash to help with many types of expenses, including:

  • Dental or medical expenses
  • Home improvement repairs
  • Christmas or birthday presents
  • Family trips
  • Basic needs
  • And everything in between!

So whatever you need the money for, Memphis’ Mid-South Title Loans is here to help you get out from underneath your financial burdens today.

Ready to get cash for your title? Fill out our Online Info Sheet now or bring your car to one of our Memphis,TN locations for a quick, no-obligation free evaluation!

Get a Title Loan in Tennessee at Mid-South Title Loans

If you own your car, bring your title into Tennessee’s Mid-South Title Loans for quick cash today. Get in touch with us now by coming in to one of our convenient Memphis locations or contact us through our website now!

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1680 Winchester Rd
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Phone: (901) 346-1040

4965 Summer Ave.
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Phone: (901) 821-9211

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