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Are Title Loans a Way to Get Quick Cash?

Are Title Loans a Way to Get Quick Cash?

Do you have bills piling up, and you’re having trouble keeping up? Are you in need of additional funds to cover a gap in your finances?

There are so many reasons that customers come to Mid-South Title Loans in Memphis for title loans. Some customers have unforeseen medical expenses and require additional financial support. Other customers are just buried beneath bills of all shapes and sizes, and many have experienced a job loss.

No matter which reason brings you to Mid-South Title Loans in Memphis, our title loans are a great source of income, when yours has fallen short. Unlike traditional loans and lines of credit, title loans are under short-term agreements, so there is less stress involved in paying them back. In addition, our title loans are easy to obtain, and we only have a few requirements to get one.

When you’re in need of quick cash, a title loan at Mid-South Title Loans is a great option, and we have three convenient Memphis locations to serve you. Here’s why it’s a great choice for you.

Why Come to Mid-South Title Loans for Quick Cash

Our process is shorter and quicker than most other lenders.

Have you ever tried to get a loan or a line of credit from a major bank or credit union and been frustrated with the long, complicated process? You’re not the only one. When you go to banks and credit unions for additional funds, you have to wait days or weeks to get approved and get your loan or line of credit. You have to provide a laundry list of information and supporting documents, and sometimes, you don’t get approved, even after the lengthy process. What a waste of time.

When you need money now, Mid-South Title Loans has the quickest, shortest approval process in the Memphis area. Here’s how it works:

  1. Start by filling out our Online Info Sheet.
  2. Gather your photo ID or driver’s license, lien-free title, and insurance card.
  3. Drive your car that your lien-free title is for over to the nearest Mid-South Title Loans location.
  4. Let us inspect your car to find out its value, so we can decide how much money – between $150 and $5000 – we can loan you.
  5. Accept the amount that we can loan you, along with your loan’s terms and conditions. Our loans are under 30-day, renewable contracts.
  6. Provide us with your lien-free title, in exchange for your check.
  7. Drive off with your check in hand.
  8. Pay your loan back in full, and get your title back
    • If you can’t pay off your loan in 30 days, you have an option to extend and renew your contract.

You can pay your expenses off immediately.

One of the most common reasons people come to Mid-South Title Loans for a title loan is to get money loaned to them immediately. Our customers love that they can get the money they need on the same day that they need it and can get it in as little as 20 minutes.

When your credit is taking a hit after you’ve failed to meet monthly payment requirements, come to Mid-South Title Loans for money immediately. When you have collections agencies pestering you and your family to make payments that you can’t make, get help from a title loan at Mid-South Title Loans. When your home or car has an expensive repair that needs to be done now, don’t wait on a home improvement loan. Get a title loan. Even if you just need a little extra money to cover a birthday, vacation, school expenses, and beyond, you can count on us.

You won’t have trouble getting approved with low credit.

When you have low or no credit, you can run into a world of issues, in order to get approved for a loan or line of credit. Most lenders require credit checks, along with income and housing verification, as a means for your approval. Even if your credit is somewhere in between bad and good, you could lose precious time by applying to the wrong places for extra funds.

We know that your expenses need to be taken care of immediately, so we don’t require any credit or background checks, as part of our approval process. We don’t require any income verification, either. We understand that you may be in the midst of a difficult financial time, so it would be counterproductive of us to ask that of you.

There are no long-term commitments.

We want the entire process of getting a title loan to be short and quick, from filling out the application to making your final payment. We don’t want to drag you along with small monthly payments over a number of years. Many times, lines of credit and loans may seem like a helpful way out of a hard financial time, but end up being more of a burden than a blessing. By making our loans short-term, we help you get back on your feet for the long-run.

Get Started with Your Title Loan Application and Get Quick Cash at Any of Our Memphis Mid-South Title Loans Locations

Ready to get the cash you need immediately? A title loan can be the answer to your prayers. Stop by any of our Memphis, TN Mid-South Title Loans locations to get a free inspection and determine the value of your car. Have a question? We’d love to answer it. Contact us by phone, through our website, or by stopping by our store to chat with one of our friendly professionals. We look forward to helping you!

Proudly Serving Memphis, Tennessee & the Surrounding Areas

Mid-South Title Loans proudly provides title loans to car owners in Tennessee’s Memphis and Shelby counties, including Germantown, West Memphis, Midtown, Cooper-Young, East Memphis, South Memphis, Parkway Village, Whitehaven, Berclair, Raleigh Bartlett, Southaven, and the surrounding areas.


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