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How Easy Is It to Get a Title Loan in Memphis?

 How Easy Is It to Get a Title Loan in Memphis?

When you are in need of quick cash to cover bills like medical expenses or a gap in finances from an unexpected job loss, you need to find a loan provider that works for you.

When you go to a bank or a credit union to get a loan, it is a formal process that includes a lot of document checking, as well as credit and background checks, in most cases. While it may seem that banks and credit unions are the only option for loans, there are other options, like Mid-South Title Loans.

Mid-South Title Loans is a short-term loan provider, and we are a bit different than your typical bank or credit union. Our process is quicker, easier, and hassle-free, and our loan terms are short. You end up paying less interest, because you pay us back in a short period of time. We are here to help cover a short-term gap in your finances.

There are only a few requirements needed to get a title loan at Mid-South Title Loans’ three locations in Memphis, Tennessee. Here’s what you need to do to get a title loan at any of our Memphis locations.

How to Easily Get a Title Loan in Memphis at Mid-South Title Loans

1. Have a lien-free title available.

If your car is completely paid off, you have a lien-free title. If it is not, you do not qualify for a title loan, unfortunately. If it is lien-free, as long as it is under your name and issued within 80 miles of your nearest Mid-South Title Loans location in Memphis, you qualify for a title loan with us.

When you come to one of the Mid-South Title Loans locations, we’ll need you to provide your lien-free title, and we will temporarily keep it, in exchange for your title loan, until it is paid off. Once your title loan is paid in full, we will promptly give you the title back.

2. Have your insurance information available.

One of the few requirements of getting a title loan at any of the Mid-South Title Loans Memphis locations is that your car is insured. When you are ready to get your title loan, we’ll need proof of insurance, before we’ll issue your title loan. Be sure to bring this with you when you’re ready to get your money at Mid-South Title Loans.

3. Have a photo ID or driver’s license.

When you get a title loan at Mid-South Title Loans, we’ll need to see your photo ID or driver’s license that shows you are over 18. As long as you are over 18 and have a valid photo ID or driver’s license with you, we can issue you a title loan.

4. Fill out an online application.

The last required document you’ll need to provide, in order to get a title loan at one of our Memphis locations, is an application. This includes basic information that will help us learn more about you, your needs, and your repayment ability. Once this is complete, you will find out if you qualify for a title loan at Mid-South Title Loans.

5. Drive the car that your lien-free title is under to any of our Memphis locations.

Once your application is complete and you have gathered your lien-free title, car insurance information, and photo ID, it’s time to come on over to your nearest Memphis Mid-South Title Loans location for an inspection.

Unsure if your wrecked car qualifies for a title loan? Your car can be damaged, but if it is driveable, we can accept it for inspection, and you qualify for a title loan. We won’t do anything else with your car, other than inspect it to determine its value, which helps us decide how much money we will loan you.

Getting Your Title Loan

Once all of these steps are complete, we’ll write up your title loan for an amount between $150 and $2500, and we’ll discuss the loan’s terms and conditions with you, before you sign off. Once you sign off, we’ll temporarily keep your lien-free title, as collateral for your loan. We’ll write you a check, which you can use for anything you want – debt payments, repairs, or even a treat for yourself or your family.

Once your title loan is paid back, we will happily give you the title back, along with a thanks. And we will be here anytime, if you ever need us.

Paying Off Your Title Loan

It’s easy to pay off a title loan at Mid-South Title Loans. Unlike traditional loans, such as through banks and credit unions, we want you to pay it back quickly, so you can get back on your feet. A title loan is only meant to cover a small gap in your finances, and we don’t want you to make small payments over a long period of time, which ends up costing you more after all the interest adds up.

Our title loans are under 30-day renewable contracts, so if you need more time after your 30 days is up, we can give you more time with additional interest.

Get Started on Your Car Title Loan at Memphis’ Mid-South Title Loans Now

Don’t wait around for a traditional loan through a bank or credit union, when you can quickly and easily get a loan at Mid-South Title Loans. At any of our Memphis title loans locations, we can help you get the money you need in as little as 20 minutes. Plus, you can bring your car by anytime for a free inspection to get an estimate of the amount we can lend you.

Have a question or want more information? Call your nearby Mid-South Title Loans location, send us a message through our website, or stop by a store today!

Proudly Serving Memphis, Tennessee & the Surrounding Cities

Mid-South Title Loans proudly provides title loans to Tennessee’s Memphis and Shelby counties, including the cities of Germantown, West Memphis, Midtown, Cooper-Young, East Memphis, South Memphis, Parkway Village, Whitehaven, Berclair, Raleigh Bartlett, Southaven, and the surrounding areas.


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