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Applying for a Car Title Loan in Tennessee? Here’s Our Easy Process

Car Title Loan in Tennessee

Are you looking for “car title loans in Tennessee” on Google, because you are in need of additional money?

Whether you’ve heard about the many benefits of car title loans over traditional loans and lines of credit, or you’re considering a car title loan, in addition to other loans or lines of credit, you’ll love the easy process to get a loan at Mid-South Title Loans in Memphis, Tennessee.

When you go to a bank or credit union to get a loan, you can expect the process to be lengthy. From gathering a plethora of verification documents, such as your pay stubs and housing verification, to waiting for approval after your credit is pulled, it can be frustrating playing the waiting game with the standard loan or credit card process.

To get quick cash, you want to come to a short-term lender like Mid-South Title Loans in Memphis, TN, because we only have a few minimum requirements. Plus, we can get you your money on the same day that you apply – in as little as 20 minutes! Here’s how it works to get a car title loan and quick cash at Mid-South Title Loans.

Our Easy Process to Get a Car Title Loan in Tennessee

1. Ensure you meet the minimum requirements

To get a car title loan at Mid-South Title Loans, you’ll first need a lien-free title, which is one that is debt free. Your car is paid off in full, and the title is issued in your name, within 80 miles of your nearest Mid-South Title Loans location. In addition, the car that your lien-free title is for needs to be driveable, so that you can bring it to your nearest Memphis Mid-South Title Loans location for an inspection to help us determine the amount of money we can loan you.

Plus, you’ll need a valid photo ID or driver’s license, showing that you are 18 or older, as well as proof of car insurance.

2. Fill out an application

When you are ready to apply for a car title loan at Mid-South Title Loans, your first action step is to fill out our application, which is easily done in the comfort of your home. The application gives us your basic information, like housing and employment, as well as a few references, if need be. We use this information to determine your repayment ability and budget, so that we ensure you don’t get in over your head with our simple short-term loans. We want you to be able to pay off your loan quickly, without much interest paid at all, and you can get your lien-free title back promptly.

3. Gather your required documents

Once you’ve filled out an online application, gather your required documents to bring to your nearest Memphis Mid-South Title Loans location. This includes your lien-free title, your photo ID or driver’s license, and your proof of car insurance.

4. Bring your car in for an inspection

We need you to drive your car to your nearest Memphis Mid-South Title Loans location for an inspection to give your car a valuation, which helps decide the amount that your car title loan will be. You can bring your car in for a free inspection at any time – not just after your application is filled out and you have your required documents.

5. Review and accept the loan and its terms, in exchange for your lien-free title (temporarily)

Once you’ve met with one of our friendly service professionals to review your application and your required documents, as well as inspect your car, we’ll give you an offer between $150 and $2500 in the form of a car title loan. Our car title loans are under 30-day renewable contracts, which we’ll go through with you. They are short-term, so that you won’t be paying us back for months and months. The renewable option allows you to extend your payback period, in case you need more time. It may require paying additional interest, but that may be worth it to you.

Once we’ve agreed on the loan amount and terms, we’ll give you a check for the loan amount that you can use however you wish. You can cash it immediately, put it in your bank account, and do with it whatever you please. Instead of waiting weeks for your money, you get it as soon as you need it with our car title loans. Once we’ve given you your check, we will ask for your lien-free title to hold, while your loan is in repayment.

6. Pay your loan back and promptly get your title back

While your loan is still outstanding, we will hold your title, but as soon as it is paid in full, we will happily provide your title back promptly, along with a thanks for working with us. We hope that you can pay it off quickly, because we want you to pay the least amount of interest possible and get your title back as quickly as possible. Then if you ever need us again, we’ll be here.

Get a Car Title Loan at Any of Our Three Memphis, TN Locations

No matter what nearby area you live in, we’re ready to help you get your car title loan today at any of our three Memphis, Tennessee title loans locations, in as little as 20 minutes. Start by filling out an application online or bringing your car by for a free inspection to get an estimate of the amount we can lend you. We look forward to giving you the money you need as quickly as you need it!

Want to get in touch with one of our friendly service professionals to ask a question? Call your nearby Mid-South Title Loans location, send a message through our website, or stop by one of our Memphis stores today!

Proudly Serving Memphis, Tennessee & the Surrounding Cities

Mid-South Title Loans proudly provides Tennessee customers with car title loans in Memphis and Shelby counties, including the cities of Germantown, West Memphis, Midtown, Cooper-Young, East Memphis, South Memphis, Parkway Village, Whitehaven, Berclair, Raleigh Bartlett, Southaven, and the surrounding areas.


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