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Benefits and Reasons to Get a Tennessee Title Loan

Benefits and Reasons to Get a Tennessee Title Loan

Tennessee residents are a diverse crew of people, and the diversity that has made our state so interesting is also what has brought it so much attention. Housing both the Bonnaroo music festival that pulls in thousands of people from all around the country each year and being the most religious state in the nation, Tennessee is so popular because there is so much to do for such a diverse set of people. Tennessee is also one of the least expensive places to live in the United States, with housing rates hundreds of dollars below the national average. But despite there being massive amounts to do on the cheap in this state, as well as the state having a fair living wage, there are always reasons that people need a little extra money that they cannot get in other ways. That’s where obtaining a Tennessee title loan can help.

Here are some reasons to get a Tennessee title loan and how they might help you.

You get to talk to someone you know and trust

Ads for title loans can be seen nationally, and they make it tempting for those in need of a little extra cash to reach out to them for help. However, Tennessee title loans through trusted lenders combine knowledgeable service from those who have been in the title loan business for a long time with the local expertise that you can trust. Reputable loan lenders, like Mid-South Title Loans, see their customers as unique individuals and members of their community with struggles that are inherently linked to themselves as members of the community.

This helps your lender find you not only the most for your money when it comes to getting a title loan but work with you on a personal level to find a way to pay it off. Working with local businesses isn’t just a Tennessee preference, however. Studies across the United States and the UK show that people prefer local products because of the time and the passion that is put into them.

You can get the cash for the down payment for your move to Tennessee

Perhaps you aren’t a local, but you want to be. Moving is expensive, and even with Tennessee’s lower than national average rent rate, it can be hard to save up enough for first month’s rent, last month’s rent, and security deposit payments, which average to a little over $2500 to move into a new place. Put that on top of the cost to move from out of state, and that can bump your moving average up to almost $5000. Even with stringent saving, you’d have to make more than minimum wage over a period of months to save up that much money.

If you need to move quickly, for a job or for other reasons, and cannot afford the high cost of moving, you should consider taking out a title loan. Title loans can be taken out without needing cash collateral or down payment and take less time than a traditional bank loan to apply for. This leaves more time for packing, moving, or scoping out the perfect house or apartment.

You can take advantage of the quick cash to fund your business venture and invest in our culture

Those who already live here know how diverse our culture is. We are home to an unprecedented number of entrepreneurs. As many as two-thirds of entrepreneurs are optimistic about buying and sustaining a small business in Tennessee right now. The underlying meaning in all this? Tennesseans are hoping to make it on their own, but many of them cannot afford to. This is a big hit to Tennessee as a whole, as its musical culture, local foods, and craftsmanship all contribute to the state-sustaining tourism. For those without good credit who have a big idea, those realities hardly ever come to fruition because of the lack of funding.

With title loans, however, it is possible to make big dreams happen regardless of what your past credit has to say. Title loan providers understand that credit does not always define a person’s determination or responsibility, and those who have failed to make a living in the past find new opportunities in funding their entrepreneurialism with the help of a title loan. In fact, economists have said that those who are willing to put their time and effort into a cause, adjust to meet with changes over the years, and those who are continually willing to learn are very successful in their future ventures. Therefore, taking out a title loan could help put a business idea into practice.

You can support our economy, and ultimately yourself, by spending money in our state.

Title loans are not always taken under financial duress. Sometimes, a person might be making a consistent income but might also want something that is a little over budget. They have room in their budget for extra payments, however, they might not have enough to buy a local artisan’s craft or go see a big concert at the time it is happening. In this way, investing in a TN title loan helps more than one entity. It boosts the local economy, allowing loan companies and the local craftspeople whose items you buy with your loan to benefit. Additionally, it saves you from working with corporate banks who make more money than locals, and sometimes even has more competitive APRs.

Supporting the local economy through the purchase of local goods helps everyone, including you, out. It supports local taxes, which ultimately allows the town or city that you live in to thrive.

Are you ready to benefit from a Tennessee title loan? Let one of the experts at Mid-South Title Loan help you out with your application today. With locations on Winchester Road, Perkins Road, and Summer Ave. in Memphis, there are multiple offices to work with your locational needs. Or, you can contact us today by visiting our website and filling out the convenient form at the bottom of the page.


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