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Ways to Use Title Loans for Quick Cash this Fall

Ways to Use Title Loans for Quick Cash this Fall

Fall is here, and with it come all the joys and pains of the seasons. The Blue Ridge Mountains come alive with the changing of the maple, sweetgum, and hickory leaves and the air starts to get crisper and cooler as winter approaches. However, fall also comes with an extra set of responsibilities to ensure that your home is ready for cooler temperatures. Weatherproofing your home, buying firewood, blowing out sprinklers, and maintaining the yard all cost money that can put a toll on other fall activities like school supply purchase and holiday shopping. Holiday shopping, a popular fall event, racked Americans an extra $1,000 average of debt last year.

Certain times of the year are harder on people, but that shouldn’t stop people from doing normal fall activities. Here are some ways you might utilize title loans to make the most of your fall.

Take a look at some of the best ways to utilize your title loans

Get a Head Start on Holiday Shopping

Most people want to get started on Christmas and Hanukkah shopping well before December. No one likes shelling out hundreds of extra dollars all at once, even if it means putting a smile on their kid’s face. But that doesn’t stop 76% of adult Americans from making Christmas purchases right up to the big day. This makes buying the perfect gift that much more stressful and harder on the wallet, and it often means that many shoppers do not have the time or the money to buy everything that everyone wants on their list.

The secret to this? Successful holiday shoppers say that it is to buy often and early. Buying early ensures that no one misses out on a Christmas gift and that purchases are spread out over time rather than all lumped in at once (during a time when heating bills begin to skyrocket due to winter weather). Obtaining a car title loan in the fall gives shoppers flexible spending money to get started purchasing and putting things on layaway while making more manageable payments on their purchases.

Pay for an Unexpected Emergency When Money is Tight

Perhaps you are the type of person that does budget for Christmas shopping, Halloween costumes, school-related costs, and cool-weather preparation. Even if you start saving for these things well into mid-summer, the budget still does not include medical or other emergencies. The truth is, no one can plan for emergencies effectively, which makes paying for their aftermath harder than ever during the busy autumn season. To make matters worse, autumn increases the risk of the typical person experiencing a medical emergency. Fall-related accidents are heightened due to decorating for holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving and the likelihood of catching an infectious disease doubles as college students head back to the dorms.

In times when emergencies rear their ugly heads and dredge up unexpected expenses, car title loans can help quickly pay for these emergencies. Title loans can be obtained quickly and do not require the standard wait period that many financial institutions’ loan applications take. Getting your kid who is sick with the flu the medical supervision they need requires fewer than seven business days.

Go All-Out on Your Winter Preparation

For many homeowners, proper housing upgrades start with a trip to the bank for a home improvement loan. They prepare in advance, apply well before they need to, and even make sure that their credit health looks normal. Some homeowners, however, walk away from the bank with a denied loan application despite their better-than-average credit or their stable jobs. This leaves homeowners with anxieties about how they are going to keep their homes warm and safe after the fall. In Australia, homeowners reported paying up to 30% of their gross income on housing costs, which is far more than anyone should have to spend on basic human necessities. Facts like these are what keep people up at night, and the same Australian study indicated that severe housing stability anxiety can take a toll on mental health.

For extra help with the cost of living, taking out a car title loan can provide predictable, more easily handled payments than emergencies due to ill-preparedness. Additionally, those that might not be able to obtain a loan otherwise are able to get the money they need from these types of loans.

Get Ahead on Paying Off Student Loans

The fall also means school starts, which can be a blessing and a curse. While parents tell their children to consider paying off their loans while they are in school, many do not heed their parents’ warnings and wait the full four years before considering payment. This can lead to thousands of extra dollars in payments and can prevent bright young graduates from waiting to obtain the job of their dreams.

Opting for a car title loan in lieu of private loans is a way to motivate young adults to take hold of their financial future while paying off loans in college. With short-term car title loans, loans for up to the amount of their tuition can be procured (depending on the car being evaluated) and will be paid off in much less time than the traditional private loan, saving students potentially thousands of dollars.

Bring the Family Together on Thanksgiving

Title loans don’t need to be for budgeting and emergency purposes always, however. A recent study showed that Millennials, in particular, struggle with holidays as reflections of the things that they have neglected to do. This causes them a great deal of anxiety and causes 10% of that demographic to spend major holidays alone and another 10% to refuse to ask for monetary help during the holidays, which directly impacts their ability to be with family. A car title loan taken out in the fall can secure cheap, early funding for a relative that may usually spend holidays alone, giving them the opportunity to pay for their travel over a longer period while reaping the benefits of being with others during the time that matters most.

If you live in Memphis and want to take advantage of savings this fall, ask the folks at Mid-South Title Loan about how we can help you secure the funding you need. You can contact us here.


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