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Mid-South Title Loans is the Right Place to Get Quick Cash

Quick Cash in Tennessee

In the United States, it is estimated that nearly half of adults have less than $400 tucked away in savings in the event of an emergency. This is a problem. Nearly every person experiences one emergency in their life, ranging from medical to family to personal. Since the average rent bill well surpasses $400, in the event of a layoff many United States citizens could face homelessness or worse. This is exacerbated by the fact that many people who find themselves in dire financial situations rely on credit cards for sustenance, which can ruin a person’s credit score and prevent them from being approved for loans in the future. Poverty, at least in reference to a person’s physical money, comes with interest.

What people tend to forget, however, is that worth is not completely dependent on the amount of money that a person has at a certain time. Assets contribute to a person’s value, which is how car title loan lenders in the United States help those in need access the cash to get them through trying times. Cars are an asset that can be traded for loans, and title loan companies aim to help customers get back on their feet by using their assets rather than their credit to give them a loan. Mid-South Title Loans is Memphis Tennessee’s premier title loan lender. Here’s why we are the right place for you if you’re in need of a quick loan.

Benefits of Title Loans in Tennessee

We personalize our loans to fit with your unique situation.

First and foremost, Mid-South title loans is a hometown business. That means that we try and get to know our clients prior to providing them with the loans they need. No two financial situations are alike, which means that our solutions cannot be cut and paste. Especially in relation to finances, it is proven that customers prefer personal, face-to-face experiences. When you apply for a title loan at one of our Memphis locations, our dedicated lender staff provides a consultation based on you and the state of your car. After evaluating the amount of money you are looking for, as well as the value of your car, we offer flexible loan offers valued at up to the full amount that the car is worth.

Unlike financial institutions, there is no fixed-price on a loan. You can choose to take a loan for the full amount of the car or a partial amount, and you are usually paid the price of the loan on the same day. Then, you make payments on the loan over months until the loan amount is paid off. You can rest assured that we will help you make the right decision based on your situation, and unlike utilizing a credit card there will be no rash, last-minute purchases that lead to high interest balances.

Loans are generally dispersed on the same day, and direct deposit is an option.

Sometimes, emergencies can’t wait for financial institutions. The process of obtaining a loan through a bank, even a community bank with fewer customers, takes an average of 7 days. This is due to the process through which a loan is carried out. Banks first evaluate your financial standing, usually through observation of your credit history. Then, once you are approved, it takes even longer for you to see the funds. Because most small loans come out of situations of urgency, there is not usually time to gamble on the process.

Car title loans, however, take much less time to approve because they are dependent only upon the presence of your car’s title. While it can take a few hours to hammer out the details – such as how much your car is worth and how much the company is willing to lend to you—in most cases the funds from this type of loan are available on the same day. And because traditional loans have the benefit of direct deposit associated with them, many car title loan agencies will work with you to set up a direct deposit into your bank account as well. This offers greater flexibility, and lets you have access to cash much sooner than a traditional loan.

You get to keep your car and the process isn’t dependent on your credit.

Those with poor credit are often familiar with the process of applying for financial help through national financial institutions. At first, you apply and then you wait to hear the details of your application. If you’re not denied based on your credit, chances are you will see loan rates with a soaring interest rate. Interest rates for those with fair to poor rated credit scores are usually around 1.75% higher than those with good to excellent credit scores. This can mean the difference between paying hundreds of dollars more over the length of a loan. It’s enough to make anyone, good credit or not, want to give up on the entire process.

That’s part of the reason why car title loans are so appealing to a wide range of loan customers. While some argue that the interest rates are much more than traditional loans, they fail to remember that the loan is paid off over a period of months rather than years, which allows customers to make manageable payments that ultimately save them money. Additionally, it allows customers who do not have good credit the opportunity to obtain a loan regardless of their credit. While some title loan companies do hold the car outright until the loan is paid, Mid-South Title Loans lets our customers drive away with their cars so that their work and personal life schedule remains uninterrupted.

Situations that require quick cash can leave a person feeling helpless and with the feeling that they will never be able to make ends meet. But Mid-South Title Loan offers financial relief through our comprehensive title loan services. To schedule a meeting, or to find out how Mid-South Title Loan can help your situation, contact us here or visit one of our Perkins Road, Winchester Road, or Summer Avenue location in Memphis.


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