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How to Use a Title Loan to Prepare for the Spring in Tennessee

How to Use a Title Loan to Prepare for the Spring in Tennessee

Tennessee springs are among the loveliest in the United States. With March and April temperatures reaching no higher than 73 on average, no more than nine days of rain a month throughout spring, and flowers in bloom much earlier than other places in the lower 48, there’s a lot to be said about the beauty and comfort of a Memphis spring. However, with spring, home improvement issues bear their ugly heads and sometimes take us by surprise. For some, even the most robust savings won’t take care of these issues. After all, a new roof after a particularly harsh winter can cost over $10,000.

Getting a title loan is one of the easiest ways to get the money you need to finance spring repairs, spring cleaning, and other spring events in Tennessee. Unlike traditional lending avenues, title loans are a quick application process, usually taking less than a day, that do not require the borrower to go through a credit check. Better yet, if you are unable to obtain a loan due to credit issues, a title loan can help you rebuild credit. But most importantly, title loans are readily available, low balance loans that can augment your savings to keep your home and life ready for 2019.

Make Long-Term Maintenance Repairs on Your Car

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Winter can genuinely take a toll on your car, and ignoring the tick that started in your engine in late January or neglecting to take snow tires off before it gets too late in the season can cost you. You can use a title loan to make significant maintenance repairs on your car and improve its life and worth. Spend the time with your car’s manual figuring out its most basic maintenance repairs – this will make sure that your car lasts as long as it can and will prevent you from running into a mechanic who overcharges you on unnecessary repairs. Alternately, if you have a small fix but anticipate more repairs to your car over the next year, use some of your title loan money taking a basic car maintenance class. Spring is an excellent time for DIY-ers to do this, as the weather is getting warmer and it is easier to perform repairs in the temperate climate.

Prepare for Spring Storms

Tennessee is blessed with a reasonably temperate spring, but when severe storms come around, they most always come around in spring. Car title loans are the perfect amount to perform small weather prep maintenance around the house, such as fortifying storm shutters, making sure gutters are in working order, and patching or redoing an old, leaky roof. It is also worth your while to make sure that you have a storm preparedness kit in case of a weather emergency. Having canned goods, batteries, clean drinking water, and even a generator is a must.

Hire a Maid to Do Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t just a thing that homemakers do. Like a car, houses require maintenance, and one of the best ways to maintain a home is to clean, polish, and do necessary repairs. Some cleaning is easily done by you – like essential vacuuming, dishes, and dusting. However, there are some larger spring cleaning maintenance jobs that require a lot more attention and time. For those who don’t have the time, hiring someone to help around the house is a great way to save money, lengthen the life of your appliances and keep your home looking perfect. Although this might seem gratuitous, it is essential to do yearly deep cleanings to maintain floors, wood cabinets, and other large house investments. Although original spring cleaning came from the days of houses heated by the fireplace – where soot and grime gathered on all surfaces of the long-closed house- dirt still gathers on window exteriors from improper winter ventilation. A proper clean is part of a healthy, happy, well-functioning home.

Get Your Garden Planted or Your Chicks Raised

Spring is planting time, though for many the planting began back in the colder months with starting seedlings. For those who rely on their garden or livestock for their livelihood but might be experiencing financial trouble, considering a title loan is a great way to get started on creating a great garden or farm before planting or rearing season gets too far away.

Get the Doctor’s Appointment You’ve Been Putting Off

It’s like adult humans to put off maintenance of their own bodies to make payments on other things. Over time, that adds up. Without yearly checkups, you miss out on cancer screenings, wellness woman exams, and other exams that trained eyes use to stop more massive problems from happening. Missing a potentially cancerous mole one year could mean heaps of medical bills in the years to come when the mole turns to full-blown cancer.

Spring is an excellent time to get in a doctor’s appointment. For the most obvious reason, summer and spring are some of the most beautiful times of the year, and enjoying them without dealing with sickness is a high priority. However, getting a doctor’s appointment in the first half of the year also has financial benefits. Insurance companies sometimes offer cash incentives for making doctor’s appointments early on in the year. Additionally, getting in a spot for a yearly physical during more high-traffic illness times, like flu season, can cost more and take more time. If you don’t have the cash to get a doctor’s appointment, or maybe need some money for a surgical procedure, a title loan can help.

Mid-South Title Loans is a trusted title loan lender in Memphis, Tennessee. With courteous staff, affordable payments, and multiple locations across Memphis, we offer quick and easy applications to those who need financial options. To get a title loan in Tennessee with us, just fill out our online application form and set up a time to come in and meet with one of our representatives. Our Summer Avenue location can be reached at (901) 821-9211, our Winchester Road location can be reached at (901) 346-1040, and our Perkins Avenue location can be reached at (901) 794-5460. We look forward to serving you.


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