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Back to School Shopping is About to Begin in Memphis

Back to School Shopping is About to Begin in Memphis

It looks like Back to School is coming up with tax-free weekends! In Tennessee, our weekend will be July 28th through 30th. Just as the summer was signaled by planning vacations and grill-outs, now it is coming to an end with the kids suited up and sent back to class. After about three months of fun in the sun, parents are usually pretty excited about having the house and schedule back in August. Of course, there is one last summer rite to perform before parents can return to their routine, and it's a costly one: school shopping. In fact, Back to School shopping is considered the second largest retail event after Christmas, according to the National Retail Federation.

By now, supplies lists have been received and the demand can be overwhelming. According to the Backpack Index, parents can look to pay around $662 for their elementary age students, and almost $1,500 for high school kids throughout the school year. At least $100 of that will go to basic school supplies like notebook paper, binders, pens and pencils, folders, a calculator, a ruler, highlighters, and a backpack for carrying it all around! Because our children are growing, they probably need new duds or uniforms, and the addition of clothes, plus whatever electronics the classroom might require (like a graphing calculator, a laptop, or an iPad) can bump the average Back to School costs up to $669, according to a Today Show survey. And we're talking per child.

This is why several states in the country initiated the Tax-Free Weekend to offer some relief to parents who are just trying to get their kids off on the right foot for that important first day. Fortunately, Tennessee is among them, and this coming July 28-30th is the time to take advantage of sales and savings on school supplies, clothing and uniforms, and any computers that are under $1,500. If you are unavailable that weekend, there are still other ways to cut corners by shopping for supplies online. If you spend over a certain amount, usually you will get free shipping. However, you have to act fast to make sure the supplies are delivered to your house on time.

While there are some ways to whittle down the Back to School price tag, some folks simply won’t have the cash they need in hand in time for the tax-free weekend. If you need a little extra quick cash to ensure your children have everything they need for August, car title loans in Memphis can provide you with no-hassle, fast cash on the same day you visit our office. Mid-South Title Loans offers car title loans in Memphis that range from $150 to $2,500 based on the value of your vehicle. A vehicle title loan in Memphis from Mid-South Title Loans requires no credit check—you just need a drivable vehicle, its lien-free title, and your photo ID.

Don't let low funds prevent you from taking advantage of the Back to School tax-free weekend. With a title loan from Mid-South Title Loans, we'll get you the money you need immediately so you can prepare your students for another great school year! Come on by any of our three convenient Mid-South Title Loans locations in Memphis today!

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You Get to Keep Your Car with a Tennessee Title Loan

Keep Your Car with a Tennessee Title Loan

Our cars are our prized possessions. They give us our independence while taking us on new ad-ventures. Not only are they handy on the great American Road Trip, but they also can symbol-ize where we are in our lives. Everyone remembers their first clunker in high school, and can also remember their first upgrade when they landed their first big job. When our family starts expanding, we trade in our sporty coupe for a more utilitarian SUV or minivan. Many people celebrate retirement by finally splurging on that Shelby of their dreams, or outfitting a Sprinter for camping at our glorious National Parks. Those who are more eco-conscious express their beliefs by driving a hybrid or Smart car.

While the automobile wasn't an immediate hit when it first came off the assembly line in the early 20th century, by 1961 our entire infrastructure revolved around every American family owning a vehicle—so much that in some places, it has become unthinkable to get around with-out one. This makes the car even more vital to our lives: not only do we like them, but in some cases, they are our basic tools for survival. They take us to our jobs, to the grocery store, to school, and to the hospital. Which is why your average Joe would rather get rid of their refrig-erator or smartphone before getting rid of their car.

Both in symbol and value, the car is the most significant asset we own. Because the former usually outweighs the latter, we are hesitant to give up our automobiles during financial strains. Even so, there are moments when our household expenses are compounded by unex-pected and costly emergencies and cashing in on our vehicle's value is our only choice. Howev-er, we don't have to lose the use of our car in exchange for quick cash. With a Tennessee title loan, you get to keep and drive your car while accessing the money you need.

Tennessee title loans allow you to leverage your vehicle for quick cash. There are no credit checks or waiting periods. All you need to qualify is a drivable vehicle, its lien-free title, and photo ID. If you bring those in to a Mid-South Title Loans office, you can receive a cash loan of anywhere from $150 to $2,500, based on your vehicle's value. Plus, you get to leave our of-fice not only with quick cash in hand, but also with your keys. You keep your car while we hold on to its title. Once you've repaid your title loan in full, we'll return the title to you, along with our sincere thanks!

At Mid-South Title Loans, we know time is of the essence, so we have three convenient loca-tions throughout the Memphis metro area to better serve our customers: 1680 Winchester Rd, 4965 Summer Ave, and 2798 S. Perkins Rd. If you'd like to jumpstart your title loan process, all you have to do is fill out our convenient Title Loans Online Info Sheet, or stop by any of our three Mid-South Title Loans locations in Memphis today! You don't have to sell your car to get the quick cash you need to cover emergency expenses. After a visit with us, you'll be back on the road and carefree in no time!

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Don’t Worry About Your Credit Score with a Bad Credit Title Loan in Memphis

Bad Credit Title Loan in Memphis

Building credit can often feel like life is a constant Catch-22. This is especially true when you are first starting out after graduating high school or college and your opportunities to establish credit in your name are minimal if not nil. While your minimal needs during these salad days make having credit unnecessary, once you have graduated and are out in the world "adulting," it's a whole other situation. Having bad or no credit can make accessing money you need diffi-cult to the extent that it is easy to assume that everything, even small short-term loans, is off the table.

This can lead to negative thinking, and many people regard having bad or no credit as a nega-tive when really it is just a part of our financial development. Let's unpack that for a moment. An excellent credit score is 720 or higher, average is between 660-719, and poor is 620-659. Ac-cording to a 2017 report from ValuePenguin, 50% of Americans have a credit score of around 695. So while this means that approximately half of Americans have average credit, it also means there are a considerable number of Americans with bad credit! And if you look at the breakdown via age group, you will see that if you are under 30, bad credit is just part of getting started in life. A total of about 57% of people under 30 carry a below average credit score. If this shows anything, it's that excellent credit is actually rarer than having bad credit, even though we are made to feel otherwise. We are also made to feel like if we fall in the bad credit category, we can never get the financial assistance we may need to prevent falling further into debt!

That is not true, and there are options out there. One excellent alternative is a bad credit title loan in Memphis, where your credit score isn't a concern for loan qualification. A title loan al-lows you to leverage the value of your owned vehicle for the quick cash you need, and requires no credit check. Bad credit title loans within the greater Memphis area range from $150 to $2,500 over a 30-day contract. To be eligible, all you need is your lien-free car title, the vehicle itself, and a photo ID. Bring these down to one of the three Mid-South Title Loans offices in Memphis, and we'll take care of the rest. While you will be asked to fill out some quick, routine paperwork, again, no credit check or waiting period is required. In fact, our goal is to have you in and out, cash and keys in hand, within 20 minutes!

Getting set up in life can be full of costly hassles. Whether it's to cover an emergency hospital bill or mandatory brake job, or just to make ends meet during an especially costly month, a bad credit title loan in Memphis can be the shortcut you need to stay on top of your finances. If you need a small, short-term loan and have bad or no credit, come on by one of our three conven-ient Mid-South Title Loans locations in Memphis, and we'll get you the cash you need, hassle-free, today!

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Quick Cash Title Loans in Memphis Can Help Lessen the Burden of Debt

Quick Cash Title Loans in Memphis Can Help Lessen the Burden of Debt

Debt. Is it a four-letter word or a simple fact of life? Some recent statistics from NerdWallet show that it is more a necessity than a burden, with household debt in the United States rising 11% over the past ten years. They also shared that the overall average household debt is $134,643, including mortgages, student loans, car payments, and credit cards (the latter of which accounts for $17,000 of the total household debt). The evidence certainly shows that debt is a fact of life, and yet, we still talk about it like it's a dirty word. But for most of us, debt is a means to an end, and incurring and repaying debt al-lows us to live our demanding (and expensive) modern lives. The truth is, most of us can't af-ford to buy a car, a home, or tuition in cash, and in order to keep up with the skyrocketing cost of living, we have to borrow some money just to survive.

Debt is just as common as any of our other monthly expenses, and with frugal spending and hawk-eyed attention on the check book, we are slowly but surely paying it off. But no matter how much we cook at home or car pool to work, there will be moments when it feels like your bank balance is stuck in the red. This is a normal feeling, and financial planners often advise that re-evaluating what you pay off first could make a huge difference. For example, focusing on paying off your credit cards first can be a boon because they will have the highest interest rates among all your debts, according to advisors writing for The Motley Fool. Ignoring their speedy payoff will only add fuel to the bad credit fire.

Even when you have a strategy in place, situations still arise that can send your money man-agement plan into chaos. These circumstances could be increases in your household bills such as inflation on gas and groceries, health issues requiring new medication, or even a spontaneous (and pricey) dinner with a visiting old friend. Fun, vital, and essential, these unexpected ex-penses can still be stressful, because no matter what happens to our wallet, the debt payments have to be made.

Luckily, there is a fast and easy solution that will let you cover your unexpected expenses with-out any hassle or damage to your credit. Quick cash title loans in Memphis, Tennessee are short-term loan options allowing you to leverage your car title against the loan. There are no credit checks, and all that is required to be eligible is your owned, drivable vehicle, its lien-free title, and a photo ID. When you bring these items into Mid-South Title Loans in Memphis, you'll be in and out of our office, cash in hand, in under 20 minutes. Plus, you keep the use of your vehicle while you repay the title loan.

Don't let an unexpected expense derail building your credit. Title loans from Mid-South Title Loans in Memphis range from $150 to $2,500 based on the value of your vehicle. If you're searching for a title loan, all you have to do is fill out our convenient Title Loans Online Info Sheet, or stop by any of our three Mid-South Title Loans locations in Memphis: 1680 Winchester Rd, 4965 Summer Ave, and 2798 S. Perkins Rd. Come on by Mid-South Title Loans today, and get the quick cash title loan you need to make ends meet and keep your loan repayments on schedule.

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Summer Vacation Made Simple with Title Loans in Memphis TN

Summer Vacation Made Simple with Title Loans in Memphis TN

There is no better time for a family vacation than summer. June and July are usually the best months since the kids are just out of school, it isn't as hot as Mercury yet, and you have a lot of vacation time saved up that needs to be burned before the end of the fiscal year, quarter, or sea-son. Just because the conditions are ideal, though, doesn't mean it's going to be cheap. Inflation hits the travel sector as hard as anywhere else, and the great American summer vacation has been feeling the squeeze.

Unfortunately, vacations aren't priced by bulk. According to TripAdvisor.com's annual summer vacation value report, you can look to spend anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000 per person this summer. That's based on the sum of average hotel rates and airfare. If you are interested in hav-ing some historical fun, a week in Branson, Missouri is the most reasonable trip at $1,386 per person. However, if you are looking to take in the museums and landmarks in Boston, Massa-chusetts, the cost is exponentially higher at $3,106! Beachfront relaxation is just as expensive, with a week in Pensacola, FL costing $3,104. According to Time, the cost of a trip to Disney World in Orlando, FL has gone up, but a budgeted family vacation could be had for $3,564.

None of these figures include the little things that can come up along the way. Supplies, unex-pected fees, and services like pet boarding are necessary costs, and when multiplied by the number of family members, they can get exorbitant. Hotel rooms are pretty pricey from the get go, but they usually come with many hidden fees that range from a flat resort fee to the water bottles in your room. Therefore, sometimes the cheapest way to travel can be camping. In fact, U. S. News cited the Grand Canyon as one of the most affordable family vacations to take this summer. Even so, you still need to account for survival kits! USA Today calculated that a trav-eling family of four could spend a small fortune on sunscreen, especially if you splurged for the best high-end sprays and lotions that cost from $17 to $36 per bottle!

These figures can be disconcerting when first confronted, but don't let them intimidate you. It's more than likely that you have a substantial beach egg tucked away, with a few grand designat-ed for your trip. If you are worried that what you have won't stretch you along the road to Flor-ida, though, no need to settle on a staycation at the local watering hole. Your summer vacation can be upgraded and made simple with help from title loans in Memphis, Tennessee!

At Mid-South Title Loans in Memphis, you can get a quick cash title loan from $150 to $2,500. All you need is your working vehicle, its lien-free title, and photo ID, and you are eligible for a vehicle title loan in Memphis. There are no credit checks or waiting periods, making it an ideal alternative if you are currently dealing with bad credit.

If the dollar signs are giving you pause when it comes to planning the family summer vacation you want, come on by Mid-South Title Loans in Memphis, TN today! With three convenient locations in the Memphis metro area, Mid-South Title Loans can get you the quick cash you need to get on the road toward your great summer adventure.

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Search “Title Loans Near Me” for Last-Minute Cash this Summer


We all know emergencies seem to occur at the worst times. During the summer, it's always right when the thermometer is hovering over 99 degrees. They also seem to come in two forms: unknown and unplanned situations, and issues you've been band-aiding until you have enough money to cover them.

The random emergencies, the ones you never imagined would happen, are quite common during the summer. We are more active outdoors with sports, home improvements, camping, and travel, and more susceptible to injury and illness. Kids might sprain their ankles, pets may get fleas or ticks, and you may have severe allergies. All of these can require unplanned trips to the doctor, pharmacist, and vet. Other seasonal emergencies like storm and flooding damage to your home, replacing the A/C unit in your vehicle, pest control and lawn maintenance, and repairing your lawnmower can add up to a pretty penny, as well.

Of course, the need for extra money doesn't have to hinge on emergencies. The summer is full of organized occasions that come with as big of a price tag as its potential memories. Vacations, uniforms and equipment for extracurricular sports, a vehicle for the new graduate, wedding and baby shower gifts, or turning your backyard into a Tiki paradise: planned or unplanned, the receipts are stacking up, and you are stressing over what to do.

There are options for picking up some extra cash: a second job, a new credit card, throw a yard sale, or start selling on Craigslist, but these endeavors all require time commitments when you need the cash now. Perhaps the great 21st century oracle, Google, knows what to do. You search for "quick cash" and find suggestions for a title loan. You learn that a car title loan is a great way to get quick cash without a credit check. That sounds like the ticket, so you Google "title loan near me" and find Mid-South Title Loans in Memphis.

There is no faster way to find cash than with Mid-South Title Loans. All you need is to bring your drivable vehicle by our office, along with its lien-free title and your photo ID. With no credit checks and 100% hassle free, Mid-South Title Loans in Memphis offers title loans from $150 to $2,500, based on your vehicle's value. We have three convenient locations throughout the Memphis metro to serve our customers: 1680 Winchester Rd, 4965 Summer Ave, and 2798 S. Perkins Rd. If you're searching for a title loan in Memphis, you can jumpstart the process now by filling out our Title Loans Online Info Sheet, or dropping by any of our three Mid-South Title Loans locations in Memphis. Don't let the search for money delay your bill payments. Get the cash you need to fund your summer fun and cover your emergencies today!

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Short-Term Loans Can Help You Finance Your Summer Fun!

Short-Term Loans Can Help You Finance Your Summer Fun!

While June 20th is the official first day of summer, we all know the season really starts when the kids are out of school. That's when you finally get to kick back with your family for some much-needed bonding time. One of the best ways to create memories and spend quality time is to travel. Like most families in Memphis, you have been planning a big trip for months. Not just any old weekend camping trip or jaunt to grandma's house, either, but an epic journey that will create experiences and memories your kids will be scrambling to brag about next Fall in their "How I spent my summer" essays.

One of the biggest challenges is deciding where to go. It's low season in the Caribbean, and you could book a cruise for cheap. Would the kids get bored lounging on the sea? Perhaps you need a more diverse journey with equal parts adventure for them and relaxation for the adults. An old-fashioned American road trip through our own vast and varied backyard might do the trick. You can camp and hike in Yellowstone, learn fly fishing at the Glacier National Park, go skiing in Colorado, and go white water rafting in the Grand Canyon. Or, you can just make it easy and spring for a family resort package at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

Whatever shape your journey takes, make sure you know what to pack. Camping will require tents, sleeping bags, and LED lamps. If you are hitting the beach, you'll need sunscreen, swimsuits, oversized towels, beach chairs, and sandcastle construction sets! And don't forget to pack for the commute. Nothing tries a child's attention span (and your patience) more than long trips, so make sure their devices are queued up with enough books, video games, and movies to last the duration.

After you've decided on your itinerary, made arrangements, and packed, it's time to work on the other big challenge of trip planning: budget. There is nothing harder to plan for financially than travel. Despite our diligence, there are too many unknowns to account for, and an unexpected expense always occurs. Maybe the price of gas suddenly skyrockets, or severe camping conditions force your family to rough it in the nearest available hotel. You can budget trip expenses down to your very last penny, but somewhere between Memphis and San Diego, CA you might be wishing for some extra travel cash.

A short-term loan in Memphis is a quick and simple way to pad your family vacation travel budget. There are no credit checks, and all Mid-South Title Loans requires to provide a short-term loan in Memphis is a lien-free car title and a photo ID. If you bring those into one of our offices, we'll get you assessed, approved, and out the door with cash in hand in fewer than 20 minutes. Plus, you get to keep your keys and enjoy your family road trip while repaying the loan.

Summertime is family time, and there is no reason for an unexpected expense to interrupt your family vacation plans. Come get your extra travel cash with a short-term loan from Mid-South Title Loans. Stop by any of our three convenient Mid-South Title Loans locations in Memphis today, and then go on to have some fun in the sun!

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A Car Title Loan Offers You Quick Cash and No Hassles

A Car Title Loan Offers You Quick Cash and No Hassles

In the U.S., there is one other fact of life more certain than death and taxes: credit. Whether it is good or bad, credit dictates how we get to spend and manage our money. When your FICO score is good, life is easier. Your car insurance and interest rates are lower, applying for a new apartment or mortgage is easy, you're more employable, and it turns the lights on when moving into new digs. Perhaps most beneficial of all: when you have good credit, you can get even more credit for medical emergencies or unexpected expenses.

Good credit sounds great, so naturally there is a catch: it is tenuous. Several factors—like maxing out your credit cards, defaulting on student loans, or just simply forgetting to pay a utility bill or car payment—can send your score into a Fair or Bad classification. This is why bad credit is just as common as good, and shouldn't be seen as a reflection of character. It is a fact of life that many Americans contend with. According to FICO, 20.7% of the U.S. population holds a credit score of 600 or below. Even so, low scores aren't hopeless ones. Just as your good rating can be changed by a few financial mistakes, a bad rating can be improved with good money habits like paying your bills on time and keeping your credit card balances low.

What happens if a financial emergency arises while you are trying to rebuild your bad credit? Regardless of your FICO score, air conditioners are going to break, little Jimmy will need a new crown, Captain Woof will visit the vet, and tires will go bald. Something is going to happen that you need to take care of (and pay for) immediately. How? Lenders won't give you the time of day, and the APRs on new credit cards will be sky-high.

However, there is one quick and easy option available: a car title loan if you have bad credit. A title loan allows you to leverage the value of your vehicle to get the money you need to cover those extra expenses. At Mid-South Title Loans in Memphis, no credit checks are required. All you need is to bring your car, its lien-free title, and your photo ID to our office. While you complete a simple application, we appraise your vehicle. A car title loan if you have bad credit from Mid-South Title Loans in Memphis ranges from $150 to $2,500 based on the value of your vehicle. Based on your car's value and your ability to repay your loan, you'll leave our offices with cash and car keys in hand within 20 minutes. We'll hold on to the title while you repay the loan. When it has been repaid in full, you get your title back, along with our sincere thanks.

At Mid-South Title Loans in Memphis, we understand that life happens regardless of credit scores. With no required credit checks, we want to help you get the money you need, when you need it. We have three convenient locations throughout the Memphis metro to serve our customers: 1680 Winchester Rd, 4965 Summer Ave, and 2798 S. Perkins Rd. If you're searching for a car title loan if you have bad credit in Memphis, all you have to do is fill out our convenient Title Loans Online Info Sheet, or stop by any of our three Mid-South Title Loans locations in Memphis and see us today.

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Short-Term Loans in Memphis Can Help You Keep Cool this Summer

Short-Term Loans in Memphis Can Help You Keep Cool this Summer

The springtime blooms are fading, and summer is about to roll back the clouds and let the sun shine down on Memphis. It sounds idyllic as long as there is reprieve from the heat, but if your air conditioner or refrigerator is on the fritz, your summer of fun could turn into a season in heck! There is a quick and easy way to stay cool at Mid-South Title Loans. With short-term loans in Memphis, you can get the money you need to bask, rather than bake, in the summer heat.

Appliances always seem to break when you most need them and can least afford repairs. One common scenario: the freezer is stocked for the kids' Memorial Day party. When you go to get everyone Slush pops or Drumsticks, you find a puddle of fruity, creamy muck dripping and sticking down your lukewarm fridge. This problem needs to be fixed ASAP, before the rest of the month's groceries spoil. It's probably going to cost you more than you expect: refrigerant leak repairs start around $250, while a recharge could total $400. However, with short-term loans, you can get the cash you need to cover the cost of repairs (and even the replacement) of your refrigerator immediately.

Air conditioner repairs are even worse when it comes to bad timing and costliness. Think back to the past few dog days of summer, when there was a heating and cooling service truck parked outside a different neighbor's house every week. Bets are, those were neither routine nor cheap calls. If something goes haywire with an air conditioner unit's electronics—say, the circuit board—you are looking toward at least $650 to replace it.

If it isn't your home unit, it's your vehicle's system. A trip to the auto shop is never cheap, but with an air conditioning system repair, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $1,000 depending on the kind of vehicle you have. You could try to do without, but while driving around Memphis with your windows down during the springtime can be pleasant and relaxing, during the summer it can be draining and dehydrating. Luckily, a short-term loan can help you maintain your summer comforts both inside and outside of your home.

Short-term loans can also assist with optimizing summer fun! An above-ground pool not only encourages family bonding, but is also a good way to stay refreshed during a heatwave. Another way to beat the heat is by upgrading your window treatments with solar window film or landscaping with shade plants, like our state tree, the tulip poplar. Not only will these additions maximize utility savings during the summer, but they'll also add some beauty and serenity to your home. If the heat gets so bad that not even a pool or home improvements can bring respite, a short-term loan can give you the needed buffer for a cool family vacation at the beach.

Whether by keeping your popsicles frozen, keeping your house and vehicle cool, or indulging in some summertime family fun with an above-ground pool or vacation, there are several ways to deal with a heatwave if you have the cash.

Mid-South Title Loans offers same-day short-term loans in Memphis to anyone in need of quick cash. No credit check is required; all you need is your lien-free car title and your photo ID. Title loans from Mid-South range from $150 to $2,500 based on the appraised value of your vehicle. That's more than enough to help you remain the summer griller rather than the grilled. You can get started by filling out our handy Title Loans Online Info Sheet or by stopping into any of our three convenient Mid-South Title Loans locations in Tennessee today!

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When to Take Advantage of a Short-Term Loan

When to Take Advantage of a Short-Term Loan

More often than not, the main drive to take out a short-term loan in Memphis is an unexpected or urgent situation. Whether it is domestic, like a bad storm felling several trees in your backyard, or medical, as in an impromptu biopsy during a routine dermatologist visit, there are several advantages to taking out a short-term loan to handle all your financial emergencies.

Valuable Collateral: Even though you might have savings in the bank for emergencies, those funds weren't necessarily scrimped and saved over the years to be gutted by a busted air conditioner or a cracked tooth. If you are hesitant to dip into the kitty to pay for these quotidian quandaries, a short-term loan can provide a budgetary bridge between your wallet and savings account. It is also an easy way to problem-solve, as your valuable collateral is sitting out in the garage. A title loan allows you to leverage your vehicle's value, and all you need is a drivable vehicle, its lien-free title, and your photo ID.

Fast Money: Another advantage of taking out a short-term loan is that it gives you money fast so that you can handle your emergency immediately. A loan process at the bank, or applying for a new credit card, can take days or even weeks. When you have a month's worth of groceries spoiling in a broken fridge, you can't waste time waiting on these financial institutions' decisions. Taking out a short-term title loan at Mid-South Title Loans in Memphis means that you can drive in to our offices and back home, cash in hand, within twenty minutes.

No Long-Term Commitments: The general idea of taking out a loan can often intimidate people because it implies a long-term commitment with an extended repayment period. However, a short-term loan is just that-it is a title loan based on a 30-day renewable contract. With loans ranging from the hundreds to a few thousand, the amount can be rapidly repaid. However, at Mid-South Title Loans, if you can't repay your loan in full within that period, you can renew your contract for another 30 days.

No Credit Checks: The last and perhaps best reason to take advantage of short-term loans in Memphis is that your credit rating can't be held against you. Mid-South Title Loans wants to help you get the fast cash you need with no hassle and therefore will not require a credit check for qualification. If you need quick cash but have either a bad or nonexistent credit rating, a short-term loan is the simple solution.

With so many advantages to taking out a short-term loan in Memphis, a title loan is an easy solution to meeting any unexpected financial emergencies. Mid-South Title Loans company loans range from $150 to $2,500 based on the value of your vehicle. We have three convenient Mid-South Title Loans locations throughout the Memphis metro to serve our customers: 1680 Winchester Rd, 4965 Summer Ave, and 2798 S. Perkins Rd. If you need a short-term loan in Memphis, all you have to do is fill out our convenient Title Loans Online Info Sheet, or stop by any of our three Mid-South Title Loans locations in Memphis and see us today.

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