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11 Ways Title Loans in Memphis Could Help You

solve money problems

Temporary, short-term money problems are nothing unusual. In fact, surveys have shown that nearly 80% of people face short-term money problems from time to time, whether it's repairs to a car or appliance, paying for school tuition, covering medical bills, or any of the other myriad expenses that families face every day.

What is unusual is that many people don't know that car title loans can be a fast and easy way to get quick cash in Memphis and help solve short-term money problems without a lot of hassle or delay. All you need is a drivable, lien-free vehicle and a photo ID, and you can be approved for car title loans in Memphis in as few as 20 minutes. That can get you the quick cash you need for:

  1. Help during the holidays. They come around once a year, and there are always more expenses associated with them than you expect, so whether it's putting presents under the tree or buying extra groceries for that big family dinner, car title loans can help!
  2. Extra money between jobs. Whether you're switching employers or do contract or freelance work, sometimes there's a gap in-between one paycheck and another, and it can be tough to make ends meet until that next bit of cash rolls in.
  3. An unexpected rent hike. When the cost of living goes up and your paycheck doesn't necessarily go up to meet it, it can take some time to adjust your budget. Quick cash in Memphis can help get you through until things settle down.
  4. A deposit on utilities at a new home. Moving can be pretty expensive, and with all the other outlays that go along with moving to a new place, you may not have the cash-in-hand to cover the utility deposits that you're often required to put down without a little help from a car title loan.
  5. New clothes for a new job. Say you just got a new job, but they require you to buy your own uniforms, or have a specific dress code, or you just need some new clothes so that you can make a good impression.
  6. An unexpected healthcare problem. Medical bills stack up, after all, and you never know when you or someone in your family is going to get sick or injured.
  7. Transportation fees for a trip. Even if it's a business trip that you're going to get reimbursed for down the road, you still need the cash-in-hand up front to actually pay for the trip, and for that you may need car title loans in Memphis.
  8. Repairing or replacing an appliance. Appliances tend to break down at the least opportune times, but when they do, you need to be able to fix them right away.
  9. Paying for tuition. Whether you're sending the kids to school or heading back to college yourself to pick up a degree or get some training for your job, getting the quick cash you need to cover tuition can be a lifesaver.
  10. Or just regularly meeting essential expenses. Just paying for gas and groceries and utility bills each month can put a strain on your wallet, especially if any of these other situations crop up at the same time. If cash is short one month, then title loans in Memphis can tide you over.
  11. Having the cash you need when you need it. Ultimately, whatever you need quick cash in Memphis for, car title loans can help you get the cash-in-hand that you need, so that you can take care of business right away. That's a big help.

Car title loans are a quick and hassle-free way to get the money you need right away, and you can get started by filling out our handy Title Loans Online Info Sheet or stopping into any of our three convenient Mid-South Title Loans locations in Tennessee today!

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Benefits of a Title Loan from Mid-South Title Loans

woman with cash from title loanAs Tom Petty once said, "the waiting is the hardest part." That's true when it comes to many things, and it's especially true when you need quick cash in Memphis. If the air conditioner breaks down, if you find yourself faced with an unexpected medical expense, or if you're just a little short on your utility bill this month, you don't want to spend a lot of time jumping through hoops and waiting on credit checks before you get the money that you need. When you're short on cash and burdened by unexpected bills, you want to know that you can get cash in hand today with title loans in Memphis. Memphis, Tennessee is the largest city in the state—home to more than 1.3 million people—and things can move pretty fast around here. But worrying about how you're going to cover unexpected expenses can slow you down, and put a strain on work, school, and even relationships. Fortunately, you don't have to worry, and you don't have to wait. All you need is a lien-free vehicle and a photo ID, and you can take advantage of car title loans to get quick cash in Memphis when you need it. Get that A/C back up and running, pay off those medical bills before you start getting hounded by collections, get that check to the utility company to keep the lights on—whatever you need cash in hand for, you can get it today with title loans in Memphis. Just bring in your vehicle with a lien-free title and a photo ID, fill out a short application, and you can be approved for your loan in as few as 20 minutes! Then you can walk out with the quick cash you need, so that you can take care of business immediately. How can car title loans in Memphis get you cash in hand so quickly? Because you use the title of your vehicle as collateral, there's no need for lengthy credit checks or waiting periods. Besides being fast and easy to get, car title loans are easy to repay, structured on a simple 60-day repayment schedule that can be set up to coincide with your usual payday. And you can get a car title loan in just about any amount you need, from $150 to $2,500, so that you don't have to let unexpected expenses slow you down. And the best part is, you can get the quick cash you need today, with nothing more than a piece of paper (your lien-free vehicle title) and a driver's license or other photo ID. No waiting necessary. It's easy to get started, and car title loans in Memphis are available from 3 convenient Mid-South Title Loans locations in Tennessee. Want to get a jump on things? Just fill out our handy Title Loans Online Info Sheet before you come in to make getting the quick cash you need in Memphis even easier!

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Win a Pair of Tickets to See Rascal Flatts LIVE!

Midwest Title Loans is giving away 1 pair of tickets to see Rascal Flatts in concert on June 15. Come in and register to win at any of our 7 locations. Drawing will be held on June 11, and the winner will be notified by Wilks Broadcasting.

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Midwest Title Loans New Website

Welcome to our new website. We have created this new design to make it easier for our customers get in contact with us. Please feel free to complete our Online Application to get you the cash you need even faster. We also invite you to check our Specials page on a regular basis as we will be having several special offers this summer. We welcome any comments or feedback.

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